[one_heading title=”OUR PROJECTS” subtitle=”Nuell Entertainment provides a unique and innovative approach to integrated marketing, corporate music placement and sponsorship. Here are some of our most successful collaborations.””]
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With years of experience developing successful partnerships, Nuell Entertainment works in conjunction with the world’s largest concert promoters including AEG and Live Nation in addition to recording artists, management firms, talent agencies and companies from small to large. Additionally, we book talent and license music in national ad campaigns for companies such as GEICO.

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Nuell Entertainment has been selected to oversee marketing efforts with the largest brand companies in the world in addition to premier events. From marketing to activation and sampling, we have years of experience generating consumer engagement for brands. We take great measures to ensure the return on your investment exceeds your expectations.

[one_heading title=”WHAT WE DO” subtitle=”For over 10 years, Nuell Entertainment has successfully worked on festivals with attendance in excess of 600,000 attendees over three weekends. We can help with builds of any type and any logistical challenge that may present itself. By working with you to understand and accomplish your goals, we will take the burden from you and make any event for your company win/win.”]
[one_box type=”2″ title=”EVENT PARTNERSHIP” icon=”fa-plus-square ” subtitle=”Nuell Entertainment celebrates 10 years of business in 2014 creating brand partnerships and endorsements with the world’s largest companies as well celebrities.“]
[one_box type=”2″ title=”ACTIVATION” icon=”fa-plus-square ” subtitle=”We have years of experience with on site logistics including the creation of experiential marketing to engage consumers before during and after events.“]
[one_box type=”2″ title=”STRATEGIC MARKETING” icon=”fa-plus-square ” subtitle=”Whether its promotional sweepstakes, attendance, revenue and more, we deliver results and are continually evaluating our efforts of our work.“]
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[one_box type=”1″ title=”EVENTS ACTIVATION” icon=”fa-plus-square ” subtitle=”We find events that match our partners interests while interacting with consumers to create ROI and customer loyalty“]
[one_box type=”1″ position=”right-box” title=”MUSIC PLACEMENT AND LICENSING” icon=”fa-plus-square ” subtitle=”We have been chosen by GEICO to license well known musical masters from music publishers and labels“]
[one_box type=”1″ title=”MARKETING PARTNERSHIP” icon=”fa-plus-square ” subtitle=”Creating partnerships for the largest events, celebrities and companies in the world“]
[one_box type=”1″ position=”right-box” title=”CONSUMER PROMOTIONS” icon=”fa-plus-square ” subtitle=”Have overseen sweepstakes for Chevron, GEICO as well as online promotions, giving away a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.”]
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We can turn-key any event from small to large. We can deliver major recording artists to play your event as well as create any size event.


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Nuell Entertainment has been responsible for licensing music for GEICO’s Commercials including the very successful Whitesnake “Here I Go Again” campaign.

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Santa Monica, CA 90403

Phone: (310) 451-0021
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